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Body repair hammer set, Dent removal hammer, Dent removal set, Dent removal hammers

Body repair hammer, Body repair hammers,body repair hammer set, body repair set (AUTM-01316).


Letter punch 8mm

Letter punch set 8 mm (GERE-00692).


Letter punch and figure set with 38 pieces dremel

Letter punch set with dremel., Letter stroke, stroke letters with bitholder 38-piece (GERE-00731).


Letter punches 6 mm

Letter punches 1/4 "(6 mm) (GERE-00693).


Punch plate set, hole punch, punch kit, hole punch

A luxury gatenponsset 27,5mm 34,3mm 43mm 22mm 49mm 60,8mm (GERE-00077).


Sandblast cabinet, Blast cabine, Sandblast, Sandblast cabin

Sandblast cabinet 90 liter (AUTM-01360).

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Aside from that the internal parts of your vehicle must be properly maintained, you're also working with the bodywork of your car to keep it as beautiful as possible. A car with with a good condition bodywork is naturally pleasing to the eye and it is a benifit to the life time of your car. Unrepaired scratches for instance can rust into the bodywork and this is obviously not what you want.

Therefor at Trailer And Tools you won't only find automotive tools for the interior of your car, but also for maintaining the bodywork. We offer a diverse assortment of tools that can help you to keep your bodywork in a good condition and repair damage.

Various bodywork tools in this category of Trailer And Tools

We will discuss some of the tools you can find in this category of the range of Trailer And Tools. To begin with we offer various letter -and figure punch sets in various sizes, including a set with a dremel.

For damage coating from a scratch we offer you an anti-scratch pen, allowing you to restore the damage. In this way it possible to prevent further damage to the coating. You can use this non-toxic and colorless pen for each paint color.

Do you want to cut into bodywork, we offer a variety of snips.  These sturdy snips, available in several variations, Cut easily through bodyworks. Has there been an accident and you have dented sheet metal, do not use ordinary hammer, but choose for our purpose-made dent repair hammer. Check out our sorting and choose the model that suits your situation. In addition for dent repairing we offer a ten-part  beating kit, in a luxurious case.

These are just some examples of the products in this category. You are invited to the other offers in this category as well as the other automotive tools of Trailer And Tools.

Order your bodywork tools and other products easily from Trailer And Tools

If you have found what you need, you can order products quickly and pay easily. You will have your tools quickly delivred at home or in the workplace, so you can get on with your tinkering.

Trailer And Tools provides what you need to work on your car!


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