Diesel engines

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BMW Diesel Fuel pump puller, Puller diesel fuel pump, fuel pump trigger set, Fuel puller

Puller set for BMW common rail diesel injection pump M47 M57. BMW OEM 135 190 (comprising 135 191 & 135 192) (01494-AUTM).


Diesel hand filling pump Opel 2.0 & 2.2 Di Di motors, fill pump diesel

Diesel hand filling pump Opel 2.0 & 2.0 Di Di motors (AUTM-01570).


Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Set, Seat Cleaner Spray, Seat cleaner diesel injector

10-piece router set for cleaning the seats of diesel injectors (AUTM-01686).


Diesel pump adjustment set, 10 pieces, Timingset, Time adjutment set pump

Adjustment set diesel pump, 10 pcs. (AUTM-01508).


Fiat Timingset Diesel 1.7 and 1.9, Block set, Time adjutment set, Timingset

Fiat Timingset Diesel 1.7D and 1.9D 1.9TD 1.7TD. (AUTM-01573).


Mercedes CDI Injector slide hammer, Atomizer trigger, hammer puller set atomizer

Diesel Mercedes Benz CDI injector slide hammer tool set 8 pieces. (AUTM-01552).


Nissan Opel Renault Timingset Diesel DCi, Block set, Time adjutment set, Timingset

Nissan Opel Renault Timingset Diesel DCi. (AUTM-01556).

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Diesel engines

Do you have a car with a diesel engine, you will need to maintain the engine regularly, so that the engine is optimally adjusted. You can also do it yourself, but you must have both specific knowledge and the right tools. Where can you easily and quickly pick up the tools necessary to adjust an engine properly? Fortunately, you are easily at the right place at Trailer And Tools. We have all kinds of tools, also for diesel engines. In addition to tools for diesel engines we have all kinds of tools. We have specialized in tools and parts needed in automobile maintenance, but that does not mean we exclusively offer this type of tools and parts. You can also simply go to us for a hammer or a saw.

Trailer And Tools is more than tools and spare parts

If you look at the Trailer And Tools website, you can get the idea that we only sell tools and spare parts. But also for good advice please contact us. You can receive advice through the mail, or you can come drop in our spacious store. The advantage of passing by the store is that our expert staff can advise you while you are enjoying a cup of coffee. You can also directly buy the tools and parts you need.

Tools and parts for each model diesel

Because diesel engines are developed by the manufacturers themselves, no single model is the same as another model. This makes it difficult to find universal tools for a diesel engine. They do exist, but you will get a relatively large package of tools of which you won't use half of them. Tt is therefore wise to order a tool package that fits your car and diesel engine. Fortunately, Trailer And Tools has these tool packages in stock.

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