Miscellaneous automotive tools

Miscellaneous automotive tools

The main category of automotive tools of Trailer And Tools contains various tools for jobs on your car. If you have the knowledge and skills to use these tools, you can perform many repairs yourself and save yourself big bills from the garage. If it is not entirely clear how to use a particular tool, you can seek advice from us, we will be happy to help.

This category is divided into several subcategories. Products that can not be put into a particular sub-category, you will find the sub-category called Miscellaneous automotive tools. You will find various products that can come in handy when working with cars and trucks. We give you a brief overview.

Various products in the category Miscellaneous automotive tools

To begin in this sub-category you will find diverse towing cables of many different lengts. Please note that next to the length also pay attention on how much weight a specific towing cable can carry. Besides normal towing cables you will also find an elastic tow cable in our range.

In this category we also offer a combination wrench for working with trucks. The combination wrench is particularly suitable for heavy work and is equipped with multiple sizes. You will also find a steering wheel button here, this is a universal model that fits on almost all steering wheels and is easy to install. We also offer for  the sub-category liquid / air hoses of up to five meters long for small prices, and chromed wheel nut caps for trucks.

Will you keep an eye on our website, maybe there will be more products added in this category, our range is indeed always in motion.

Order your automotive tools in a simple way, have them quickly delivered at home

If you have found the automotive tool you were looking for, whether it is in this category or another, you can order it simply and pay easily. You will have the products quickly delivered at home or in the workplace, so you can quickly proceed with the tinkering on your car, truck or other vehicle.

Get the job done fast with the tools of Trailer and Tools!

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