Petrol engines

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Alfa Romeo Timingset, Lock Main set, Time Adjustment set, adjustment set

Timing belt replacement tool kit for Alfa Romeo engines (AUTM-01557).


BMW M5 M6 Timingset, Tijd Adjustment Set BMW, Timing set S85, Blocking set

Time Adjustment set for BMW M5 and M6 (AUTM-01693).


BMW Timingset N40 / N45 / N45T, Block set, Time adjustment set, Tuning kit Timing kit, Timingset

BMW Timingset for 1600 VANOS motoren. Timingsset BMW. (AUTM-01468).


Camshaft adjuster VAG 1.8 TSI FSI 2.0 TFSI, camshaft adjuster, camshaft sockets

Camshaft adjuster VAG 1.8 TSI FSI 2.0 TFSI (AUTM-01763)


Feeler gauge, Feeler gauge set, Feeler gauge 13 pieces

Feeler gauge 13 gauges 0.05 - 1.00 mm (AUTM-01667).

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Petrol engines

You have a car that runs on petrol and you want to tinker with the engine, you will need to have special tools that allow you to quickly and easily repair petrol engines and(or) adjust. If you have a petrol engine it is important that the timing on which the cylinders are firing is good, for optimal results. If a cylinder fires too late, the engine will run less efficiently, too early may even provide greater problems. Because each manufacturer develops its own egine and therefore maintains its own standard, it is difficult to find universal tools that can be used on all petrol engines. Therefore, we offer many tools that are targeted to a specific manufacturer.

Trailer And Tools is your expert in petrol engines

The tinkering with a petrol engine must of course be done right, it is therefor wise to take appropriate advice before you start. Fortunately, the experts of Trailer And Tools are ready to help you. Please contact via email with your question and our technical department will answer your question as good as possible. It is also possible to come by in our spacious shop, you can calmly discuss your situation with one of our staff members and get good advice. Also, you can immediately buy the tools you need.

Tools purchased from Trailer And Tools

If you want to buy Trailer And Tools tools, you can order it directly on our webshop at a time when it suits you. If you order before 13:00 then your order will be delivered in 1 to 2 working days. Do you know exactly want to know when your order arrives, then please contact us. If you want your new tools at home today, drop by in the spacious store of Trailer And Tools. Of course, we have more than tools for petrol engines, you've come to the right place for all kinds of tools!

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