Upholstery and Interior tools

120-piece assortment autoclips

Assortment box with 120 clips for various Japanese car brands, Suzuki and Toyota Lexus. (GERE-00560).


Car door opening set, set Opening, Car Door openning set, Inbreek set

Useful set that you can open the doors of cars. (AUTM-01051).


Hook set 4-piece

Hook and pick set, 4 pieces (AUTM-00536).


Mercedes / BMW Radio (dis) assembly set

Radio flush mounting kit for the Mercedes and BMW. (AUTM-01073).


Coating and interior tools

You need some tools for the tasks on the coating and interior of cars? Whether it is for single use, or you're tinkering with cars regularly, the right coating and interior equipment can be found in Trailer And Tools. For example, to remove the covers or your car stereo or your car door is firmly stuck and must be opened? Trailer And Tools provides what you need for a lot to work with the coating and the interior of the car.

Make yourself more easily with the tool in this category

This category of Trailer And Tools provides several tools that let you perform a variety of tasks with the interior or the coating of your car. You can choose from several panel removal kits, these consist of several parts and can be used to remove panels without damaging your car, if you want to replace them or if you want to put the panels in another car. Some of these kits can also be used for the removal of the built-in car radio. We also sell a set of hooks in various forms that you can use for various purposes, if you are working with the coating or the interior of your car.

If you have locked yourself outide, then our car door opening set is a godsend. You can then quickly open the door without damaging anything. To replace glass, you probably know that you can do this best with a sucker. Our reliable double sucker can be used to put new glass in your car; the window will certainly not drop.

Order your car tools quickly and easily at Trailer And Tools

You see, for ucoatingand interior trim tools you're at the right place at Trailer and Tools. If you work with the other parts of your car, including the engine and transmission, also need tools, please do not hesitate to look at the rest of our range. Trailer And Tools products are of good quality, and are nevertheless available at bargain prices. All our products are easy to order and delivered quickly.

Everything you need for the jobs on your car or trailer can be found in the wide range of Trailer And Tools!

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