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This is not about Led Zeppelin, but obviously the LED lighting of your car. There's also no helium in the lamps but electronics. And there's no music, but a bundle of ultra bright white light from the headlights to illuminate the night well. When you illuminate the light with a pair of LED light balls in your nightly driving adventure, will the dark road ahead never against be the same for you. All LED lights for the car that you will find below, fits one on one with your existing car lights. You save immediately, since LED car lights last up to five times longer. At Trailer and Tools you will find various LED kits of high quality at competitive prices. Our sets are selectively assembled to ensure you the highest quality and price ratio.

Mandatory for safety

LED means Light Emitting Diode. This means that the electronic components have lights that illuminate when they are supplied with power. LED lights have many different advantages over halogen lamps. Since 2011, daytime running lights are mandatory for cars that are produced in this year or later. These must be equipped with daytime lights. It has been found that daytime running lights on vehicles are 3 up to 5 percent less involved with accidents, 40% of all accidents in the daytime that find place. So with driving with daytime running lights is certainly not a luxury. You then have the choice of factory LED or halogen lights as daytime running lights. So even if your car is equipped with standard halogen lamps as daytime running lights, you have also come to the right place, because we have in fact an LED solution.

Give your car lighting an upgrade

In cooperation with our supplier we have developed our private label LED lights, which can be run smoothly on any type of vehicle brand. Besides the assortment of LED car lights we have an extensive range of products to give your car a nice refreshing lighting upgrade.

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