Assortment bins

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10-piece auto blade fuses

Insert fuses for cars to be used for different vehicles. (GERE-00573).

100-piece assortment wing nut, wing nut, wing nuts, wing nut, nut

Wing nut assortment 100 pieces, wing nut, wing nuts, wing nut, nut (GERE-00014).


100-piece cable lug assortment

Crimping assortment. (GERE-00578).

12-piece Maxi Blade Fuses

Maxi Blade blade fuses assortment with 12 amp fuses in different programs.

120-part self-tapping screw assortment

Self-tapping screws, assorted with 120 screws in different sizes. (GERE-00576).

120-piece assortment autoclips

Assortment box with 120 clips for various Japanese car brands, Suzuki and Toyota Lexus. (GERE-00560).


120-piece set of colored heat shrink sleeve

Colored shrink sleeve assortment with different colours and different sizes (GERE-00571).

120-piece wood screws assortment

Wood screws assortment, 120 pieces. (GERE-00581).

125-piece bolt and nut assortment, Bolts, Nuts, Bolts and Nuts

Bolts and nuts assortment, 125 Sheets nuts and bolts, screws, nuts (GERE-00554).

127-piece shrink tube assortment, Black

127 pcs shrink tube assortment, Black. (GERE-00545).

144-piece assortment brads

Assortment tray with different pins, equipped with the most common sizes.

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Assortment bins

When you start working on your car, trailer or just at home. Then you will find that you always need small parts like screws, washers or for example clips. Fortunately, in these cases they are usually sold in bulk. At Trailer And Tools you can easily purchase these items in our assortment trays. Then you have at least a stock of these small parts. Trailer And Tools also sells metal parts bins where you can easily and safely store small parts. Of course the majority of our assortment bins are also bins where you can store it in.

About Trailer And Tools

Trailer And Tools is a store, either physical or online, where you can buy tools, spare parts and workshop equipment. We specialize in selling automotive tools and parts, but you can also come to us for other things. Of course, we also sell just "normal" tools. Because we both have a very large shop in Hengelo, as we manage an online store, you can always come to us. You can therefore easily at any time of the day, order the things that you need, but you also can drop by and buy the products directly and take them with you.

You can also contact Trailer And Tools for your technical questions

If you can not make up your mind with the tools and parts of Trailer And Tools, please contact our technical service. This can be done very easily through an email to You can also drop by our store, while enjoying a cup of coffee our expert staff can advise and help you. So at us you are at the right place for your tools, spare parts and workshop equipment, but also for advice. So drop by today at Trailer And Tools!

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