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75 piece cable tie assortment (ELEC-00051).

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Cable Ties

When you work with many different cables, it is wise to tie them together. For this special cable ties are available, but also regular are well suited. Bundled cables will ensure that you can clean them easier and faster safely. There are a number of advantages with cable ties. Cable ties are disposable, pull them on and they can not let go. This is ideal if you want to bundle all the cables at once and there is nothing more to do with it. Do you want to remove the bundle at a later time, then you will have to cut the cable tie and and then use a new one. A releasable cable ties is reclosable, so you can tie the cables together, detach and attach them later. In this way you can easily replace a cable, without having to get new cable tie again. Regular cable ties are of course cheaper to buy.

You buy cable ties at Trailer and tools

Trailer And Tools is your expert in automotive tools, parts and workshop equipment. You likely too often work with cables and for this reason Trailer And Tools has also a wide range of cable ties and releasable cable ties in all shapes and sizes. You can order these products, of course, easily and quickly at a time when it suits you best from webshop. We will make sure that your order is delivered to your home as soon as possible. Orders before 2 o'clock in the afternoon usually means that it will be delivered the next day.

Trailer And Tools, more than a webshop

In addition to being able to simply order your cable ties and releasable cable ties in our webshop, you can also come in our spacious store in Hengelo. Here we have a wide range and our professional staff can provide you with advice. We would like to advise you on your project under the enjoyment of a cup of coffee.

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