Power tools

Angle Grinder 115mm

Angle Grinder 115 mm, Flex, angle grinder, cutter, grinder (GERE-00037).


Angle Grinder 125mm

Angle Grinder 125 mm, Flex, angle grinder, cutter, grinder (GERE-00038).


Cordless shrub Grass Shears 3.6 V Li-ion 2 in 1, shrub shears, grass shears, box shears, scissors

Shrub and Grass Shears in one device. Works on 3.6V Li-ion battery. Very handy for easy and fast cordless work in the garden. Equipped with two separate attachm... Read more


Dremel Kit Hoff Tech

Dremel set, Dremel, electric dremel, dremel + accessories (GERE-00085).


Multi Tool, Multi Tool, Sander, Saw

Multipurpose tool for various types of work (GERE-01298).


Polisher, Electric polishing machine, polishing machine, polishing machine 230 Volt

230 Volt electric polisher, polisher, polishing machine, polisher 230


Power tools

The jobs will be easier and faster if you use good tools. Think for example of power tools. You you will have to put less force to tighten something or somewhere to drill a hole. The sanding of course is a lot easier with a piece of electric tools, rather than by hand. Power tools are just incredibly fun to use. There are two main categories of power tools, namely, tools with a cord, and battery tools. The advantage of battery tools is that you're a lot more mobile, you will only have to replace the batteries regularly. It is therefore wise to purchase a second battery for cordless tools so you can keep working. With power tools with a power cord you will not have this problem, you will however lose a part of your mobility

Trailer And Tools your expert in power tools

If you are looking for power tools on the Internet, then you will quickly end up at hardware stores etc, then you will still have to drive far to buy the tool. Fortunately, you can also contact Trailer And Tools, we namely sell power tools directly over the Internet. We have extensive shop in various automotive tools, parts and workshop equipment. So we also offer power tools.

Trailers And Tools is more than a shop

Besides that we have an extensive webshop where we can provide all kinds of tools, such as your power tool, but you can also visit our beautiful store in Hengelo. In this shop are a thousand and one different products are offered. You can also ask questions about the tools you would like to purchase. Our expert staff can quickly provide good advice. We can do all of this under the enjoyment of a cup of coffee. So come for all your power tools to Trailers And Tools!

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