Tap and die sets

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Left tapset five-part fine, left tap, tap left

5 piece left tapset with fine wire (GERE-00124).

Left tapset five-piece coarse, left tap, tap left, Tap left, Tap left

5 pieces left tapset with coarse thread (GERE-00061).

Tap holder 1/4 inch, Tap wrench 1/4 " Adjustable tap holder, Tap chuck, Tap set

Tap holder 1/4 ", Tap wrench quarter inch (GERE-01485)

Tap set 40-piece metric tap and cutting set 40 piece, metric set, tapset, cutting set, Tap and die set

Tap and die set 40 piece metric, wire cut set, wire tap set (GERE-01 486)

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Tap and die sets

Tapping and cutting are operations you frequently need for automotive and motorcycle restoration. Think for example of a 30 year-old screw thread which is no longer optimal. Then it is useful to have the correct size tap at hand. Trailer And Tools has made a selection of resources that are ideally suited to the restoration: professional quality, economical and convenient to use. You are at the right place at Trailer and Tools!

The left tap

As simple as it is ingenious: the bolt extractor. If a bolt is broken, you can not normally unscrew it. That's a problem when the bolt is in for example an engine or gearbox. By drilling a small hole into the broken bolt the bolt extractor can do its job. The bolt extractor with a left side thread, whereby it locks on the bolt and unscrews it. Problem solved.

Everything of tapping and die sets

You won't be able to dream of it or you will find it in our range. We have several tap sets for you: Left tap set five-part fine or coarse, Left tap set six-piece fine or coarse, Tap and cutting set, 20-piece and 40-piece, Tap and Die Set, Inches or Metric 45 Parts etc. Only examples of what we can offer you. However, our extensive range is just one of the benefits you will discover at Trailer And Tools.

Trailer And Tools

At Trailer And Tools we make a selection on the items offered by us, of which the quality is guaranteed. However, you need not to be afraid that you are paying too much. By buying in bulk, we are able to offer very attractive prices. This also makes it possible for us to process your order quickly. With us you pay easily and securely using iDeal, PayPal or by prepayment by your bank. You can simply order via the webshop or come to visit our showroom in Hengelo.

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