Main power switch 1000 A. + chain

Main power switch 1000 Ampere, switch, battery switch, main power switch (ELEC-00009).


On / off switch Ø 2Omm. 16amp 12V DC

Rocker, 16A, 12V, DC, Switch, Rocker switch, 12V switch (ELEC-00160).

On / offschakelaar Ø 2Omm. 6 Amp 250V AC. Orange

Rocker, Orange, 6A, 250V, AC, Switch, Rocker Switch, Switch ((ELEC-00020).

Rocker switch 250V 3A

3 Amps 250 Volts Rocker switch, switch, rocker switch, switch ((ELEC-00 022).


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