Chains hardware

Welding chain 10 mm

Welding chain 10 mm per linear meter (LIER-00158).

Welding chain 7 mm

Welding chain 7 mm per linear meter (LIER-00160).

Welding chain 8 mm

Welding chain 8 mm, per meter (LIER-00157).

Chains hardware

If you are looking for a chain, then you are generally looking for the best quality for the lowest possible price. In addition, it is nice if you can buy a chain at the length you think you need. A short chain is of course worth nothing, and with a long chain links are in the way anyway. Fortunately, you can also buy your chains per linear meter at Trailer And Tools. That way you can determine how long the chain is that you buy. Besides that you can easily buy the right length chain at Trailer And Tools, you also have a wide selection of chains. For light work you obviously don't need a 10mm chain.

Trailer And Tools, your expert in hardware

If you are looking for hardware, come to Trailer And Tools. We have a wide range of hardware and find hardware at us, such as chains, hooks, eyebolts, etc. All these products can be ordered quickly and easily in our online webshop, at a time that suits you. Usually we manage to deliver your order the next day. So take your time to look around on our webshop and order the materials or tools that you need. Also your workshop equipment can be ordered through our webshop.

Trailer And Tools is more than an online store

Besides that you can quickly and easily our entire range can be ordered from our shop, you can also come in our spacious shop in Hengelo, Overijssel. Here we are a thousand and one products are displayed. Our staff are ready to provide you with professional advice. If you stuck with a (technical) question, we will gladly take the time to help you, of course, while enjoying a cup of coffee. So come visit us today at Trailer And Tools, for all your hardware!

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