Eye bolt / Eye nut hardware

Eye bolt / Eye nut hardware

If you want to attach a rope or anything else to a solid surface, it's an eyebolt anything you want. Eyebolts are bolts with a steel eye where the head normally normal, and you can fix this eye firmly on the ground. An eye nut is an similar to an eye bolt, only instead of a bolt there is a nut under the eye. With the help of an eye bolt or eye nut you will be able to easily and securely attach a cable to a surface. But where do you buy these eye bolts or eye nuts? Fortunately Trailer And Tools has the hardware you are looking for, and for a fair price.

Trailer And Tools is your expert in hardware

If you are looking for all kinds of hardware, then you will fortunately at the right place at Trailer And Tools. We are a store that specializes in selling tools, spare parts and workshop equipment. The emphasis of our products is automotive and trailer materials. This does not mean that you can come to us exclusively for this business. On the contrary, we are selling all kinds of tools and parts. You can come to us for a simple hammer to tuning kits for the engines of different brands and models.

Trailer And Tools, your shop on the Internet, but also offline

You can easily purchase all the products you need through the website Trailer And Tools. Besides that you can easily and quickly place the order via the Internet, you can come in our spacious shop in Hengelo. We have in Hengelo, Overijssel, a store of over 600m 2. In this store we have over a thousand and one products in our assortment, feel free to drop by to see what's available. Also, our skilled employees ready to provide you with advice, if you have questions. So come for all your hardware, such as eye bolts and eye nuts, to Trailer And Tools!

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