Hose clamps

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Hose clamps

With the help of  a hose clamp you can clamp a hose to the connection points. This is particularly useful for things like garden hoses and caravans. It's nice that when you are using hose clamps, you can seperate them again, if need be. Especially in a caravan it may be that over time you want access in there anyway. So take a hose clamp with screw, That even in a confined is space easy to open and close. Now is just the question: where do you get this type hose clamps of good quality, but at a fair price?

Hose clamps  you order from Trailer And Tools

If you are looking for hose clamps, you are fortunately at the right place at Trailer And Tools. We are an expert in selling automotive tools and parts, but you can also come to us for workshop equipment and general tools. So if you are looking for clamps for your caravan or motor you've come to the right address at Trailer and Tools. We have a wide range of hose clamps and other accessories for your project.

About Trailer And Tools

Besides being able quickly and easily place your order on our webshop or our website, you can also choose to buy your parts in our spacious store in Hengelo. We choose to keep a store, because we believe personal contact with our customers is important. You can also notice this fact because we are always available to answer your (technical) questions, both through the mail or at our store. So come today to Trailer And Tools. You will find, hose clamps, but also all the other tools and components you need for your project.

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