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If you want to secure something, such as a battery in an engine, it is wise to use a U-Bolt. An U-shaped bracket is a U-bolt on either side with a screw thread. On this you can insert a connector, which you can tighten with two nuts. In this way, the part between the U-bolt is properly secured. The advantage of U-bolts is that there no need for holes in the item you want to attach. Because you clamp it down.

A U-bracket buy from Trailer And Tools

When you are looking for a U-bolts then you are fortunately at the right place at Trailer and Tools. We are your expert for automotive tools, parts and workshop equipment. That does not mean we only sell automotive tools or parts, but we have a lot of products in this direction. This also means that we offer several U-bolts, with which you could secure different products, from a battery to a bracket to attach a ski box on the roof rack of your car.

Trailer And Tools, your (web) shop

One of the advantages of Trailer And Tools is that we offer our entire range in a webshop. That means that you can order U-bolts you need directly on our website. Besides that you can quickly and easily place your order in our shop, you can also come in our spacious store in Hengelo, Overijssel. We have about 600m2 of space where a thousand and one products are displayed. An advantage of stopping by our store is that we then can personally assist with finding the product that suits you best. Also, you can always ask (technical) questions. Our experienced staff are ready to answer your questions, and all of this while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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