Hand tools

Hand tools

The simplest tool that you can buy is hand tools. These tools you just simply use with the hand. The advantage is that you don't have a need for wires, batteries and have such, but that you just use your strength to do the thing you want to do. The tool is actually only intended to use your muscle strength optimally. When you look at the website of Trailer And Tools, you will see that we have specialized in automotive tools, parts and workshop equipment. Fortunately, you can also just come to us for normal hand tools.

Trailer And Tools is your expert in all kind of tools

When you are looking for a tool, whether that applies to pneumatic, hydraulic, electric or hand tools. You are at Trailer And Tools at the right place for all your tools. In addition to our wide range of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric tools we also have a wide range of hand tools. Under hand tools we of course mean a hammer, a saw and a screwdriver, but we also have socket sets, crowbars, wrenches and more. Look around our website to see what we have to offer. The advantage is that you can order directly from our website what you need. When you do this before 14:00 then you probably have the tools the next day.

Trailer And Tools is more than an online store

Besides that, all of our products can easily be ordered directly in our webshop, you can also drop by in our extensive store in Hengelo. In this store we have our broad assortment that is neatly displayed. Also, our experienced staff walks around and will attend to you if you have questions. We like to sit with you while drinking a cup of coffee to discuss the possibilities. So come today to Trailer And Tools for your hand tools, other tools and accessories!

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