Drill bits

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170 piece drill bit set, HSS Drills, Drills Suitcase, drill, drill set

170-piece drill bit set HSS drill in metal storage box (GERE-01305).


19-piece drill bit set, drill, drill, drill set

HSS drill bit set, 19 piece (GERE-01262).


200-piece drill bit set

Drilling Case, 200-piece drill set Inch sizes (GERE-00111).


Drill bits set, 10 pieces, Auger, Spiraalboorset 10 pieces

Drill bits set, 10 pieces, Auger, Spiral drill set 10 pieces (GERE-01 235).

Drill set four parts, metal drill, SDS drill set, Chisel

Drill set four parts with SDS system (GERE-01 241).

Drilling and verzinkset

4pc tapboor and Reamers (GERE-00147).


Glasboorset 4 pieces

Glass drill set, 4 pieces (GERE-00404).

HSS Drill, 1.5mm

Drill, HSS, 1.5mm, 10 pcs (GERE-00319).

HSS Drill, 10.0 mm

Drill, HSS, 10.0 mm, 10 pieces (GERE-00337).


HSS Drill, 2.0 mm

Drill, HSS, 2.0 mm, 10 pieces (GERE-00320).

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Drill bits

Trailer And Tools is your provider of automotive tools and automotive parts. We have almost everything in our product range to experience complete your workshop or garage. Moreover, we guarantee our products and you only do a line for which we are sure of the quality. Also, you do not fear to us that you paid too much. The most common tasks that you may encounter in the implementation of these is of course the drilling. It will come as no surprise that your provider in this Trailer And Tools gives you even in this offer. When it comes to drilling, you will find a wide variety at us again with the strong benefits that you expect from us can of course apply.

Discover our range

We give you all the choice when it comes to drilling. For example, what do you think of a 170-piece set that gives you all the possibilities. Or, for example, a concrete drill bit. You can not dream it up or find it at us. In addition to the bits you can also find in our offer for the drilling itself, things such as a hammer drill or a jackhammer. The quality is guaranteed and thanks to our very large range gives you the freedom to choose your selection entirely according to your needs and budget. And you don't have to hesitate because of the price.

We make a difference

It is logical that you do not want to pay too much and you want to get started quickly and can not wait long for your order. Trailer And Tools buys in this bulk for this reason. Thus, we maintain a large stock and this means that we can quickly process your order. It also makes us able to keep the prices competitive. Fast delivery times, high quality and very competitive prices. You will discover it with at us.

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