Grinding / cutting discs

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Cutting disc 115 x 1.6 mm, steel, cutting disc, grinding disc by

Cutting disc metal, 115 x 1.6 x 22.2 mm (GERE-01525).

Cutting disc 115 x 1.6, stainless steel, cutting disc, grinding disc

Cutting disc stainless steel, 115 x 1.6 x 22 mm (GERE-01054).

Cutting disc 125 x 1.0 mm, steel, cutting disc, grinding disc by

Cutting disc metal, 125 x 1.0 x 22.2 mm (GERE-01053).

Cutting disc 230 x 2.0 mm, steel, cutting disc, grinding disc by

Cutting disc metal, 230 x 2.0 x 22.2 mm (GERE-01056).

Fiberflex sanding disc 178 mm K60, Fiberflex, sanding disc, Disc

Fiberflex sanding disc 178 mm K60 (GERE-01545)

Flap Wheels 60 x 20 mm, Linen lamelwiel, Lamel wheel, Flap wheel

Linen slats wheel 60 x 20 mm on shaft. (GERE-01087).

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Grinding / cutting discs

When it comes to your workshop or garage and you are busy with automotive tinkering, or jobs in your trailer, then you're at the right place at Trailers And Tools. We have a specialization in trailers, but you can buy more from us. We give you all the chance to make your workplace complete. We have almost everything when it comes to tools, components, and accessories. This also means that we have an offer for you when it comes to grinding and cutting discs. In this, you have plenty of choice, allowing you to suit your budget and needs to the right article at us.

We make a difference

From a grinder, a separate grinding stones set or standingand cutting disc, you have a lot of choice at us. We operate a strict selection in the articles selected by us before they are part of our assortment. This means you always get a guarantee of quality, regardless of your choice. That these discs are a necessity in virtually every workplace is clear is clear for us. With us you can expect in addition to our extensive range multiple benefits, so you can get started quickly.

We give you the advantage

Not only do we have for you a very wide range to choose from, we also maintain a large stock. By buying in bulk, we can give you some very strong advantages. So is almost everything in stock and your order is quickly delivered to your home. This also gives us the chance to keep our prices very competitive. Still not sure which item is best for you? Do not worry, our expert staff will gladly assist you with advice and guidance.

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