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12-piece chisel and drevelset

12-piece chisel and drevelset with punches, chisels and centering (GERE-00026).


Bank Hammer 200 gram

Peen hammer 200 grams (GERE-01018).

Carpenter's hammer with point

Timmermans Hammer with point (GERE-01030).

Claw Hammer

Claw Hammer (GERE-01036).

Peen hammer 1000 g

Peen hammer 1000 grams (GERE-01024).

Peen hammer 1500 g

Peen hammer 1500 grams (GERE-01025).

Peen hammer 300 gram

Peen hammer 300g (GERE-01019).

Peen hammer 400 gram

Peen hammer 400 grams (GERE-01020).

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Make your workshop or garage complete with the range of Tailer And Tools. We have the range for you when it comes to automotive tools and automotive parts and accessories. With us you can enjoy all items offered and also expect a high quality and you can choose from a very wide range of the most diverse products for your workshop or garage. You can make a choice at us based on your needs and budget. As your provider in this, this most basic piece of equipment can not be missed in our assortment. Even when it comes to hammers, varieties in our range and for every job the right choice is available, we have the supply for you.

Quickly ordered fast delivery

For your hammers visit Trailer And Tools. With a wide range from our diverse range includes the hammer or hammers needed back at us. Also all accessories, such as the necessary protective equipment and chisels for example, can be ordered under very favorable terms at us. Not sure which choice from our range is most suitable for you? No worries. Our expert staff will gladly assist you with advice and guidance. We select only high quality products for our range, this does not mean that you have to be afraid to pay too much at us.

Competitive prices and good service

Trailer And Tools is able to buy in bulk. This gives you the advantage. So we understand that you want to get started quickly. Because we maintain a large stock we can process your order quickly. Quickly ordered is quickly delivered to your home. The prices we can keep competitive in this way, the difference you will notice in your wallet. Use our webshop or you come drop by our showroom in Hengelo.

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