Magneet Tray/ Magnetic Bowl / Storage system

Magneet Tray/ Magnetic Bowl / Storage system

You know that feeling well, you want to store nails and screws and accidentally knock the cup over. Then they lie through your entire workplace, and when you are ready to clean up, you will always see that you pick up the nail the wrong way. Fortunately, we at Trailer And Tools have the solution for you. We namely sell magnetic trays and bowls. When you start working with nails, and drop them into the bowl, then they only come out when picking them up. If the tray or bowl falls over, then the nails are still in it. So use the magnetic property of your materials and keep them in magnetic containers. We also have special magnetic storage systems for things like wrenches and pliers. So they stay easily in place and you never have to find out where that one wrench is.

Magnetic trays, bowls and a magnetic storage system you buy from Trailer And Tools

When you decide to purchase this type of magnet containers and storage systems, then you're at the right place at Trailer And Tools. You can order this storage system quickly and easily in our webshop. We will make sure that the magnet bowls and other magnetic products can be quickly delivered to your home. So take advantage of the convenience of online ordering and order your magnet trays and related products today at Trailers And Tools.

Trailer And Tools invites you to visit our store

Besides it beingquick and easy to place your order via the internet, we invite you to visit our spacious store in Hengelo. Here we are displaying our wide range and our knowledgeable staff can advise you well, if you see fit. So come today to Trailer And Tools in Hengelo, the coffee is waiting for you!

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