30cm 12 Inch Ruler, Ruler, Ruler, Rulers, Ruler Aluminum Ruler

Ruler, aluminum, 30 cm / 12 "(GERE-01339).

Bevel combi set, bevel, Snag, Angle Size

Bevel combo set (GERE-01348).


Rangefinder digital

Digital rangefinder, rangefinder, rangefinder with a laser pointer for precision work (GERE-00650).


Ruler 100cm, Aluminum, Ruler, Ruler, Rulers, Ruler

Aluminum ruler, 100 cm (GERE-00783).


Knowledge is power, and with every project, no matter how big or small it may be, the measuring of things is very important. It is annoying if your material is just a little too long, but too is short a much bigger problem. Too long materials you can often remove a small piece from, but if the material is too short extending is usually impossible. Then the chances are high that you have to start over. Fortunately, Trailer And Tools also has various measuring tools. From a simple ruler, a tape measure to digital measuring instruments that are super accurate.

Measuring more than just distance

Of course you want measure more than just distance with your tools. It can also be very important to be able to measure things such as a good angle. It may also be important to measure the diameter of a bolt or a hole. Again, we at Trailer And Tools  have special tools. View our extensive range on our website, where you can directly order what you think you need. Or visit our store in Hengelo, where we have displayed our range.

Trailer And Tools is your expert in tools, parts and workshop equipment

If you are looking for tools, spare parts and workshop equipment, quickly and fortunately at the right address at Trailer And Tools. We have an extensive online store, where you can quickly and easily view and order our products. Also, you are of course welcome at our shop in Hengelo, Overijssel. Here we have our range displayed and you can then easily and quickly see what you think you have need for. We will also have a cup of coffee ready for you, so that your employees can answer all your questions under the enjoyment of a cup of coffee. So come today to Trailer And Tools for all your tools and all your measuring tool!

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