Miscellaneous hand tools

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Adjustable wrench, Bahco, spanner, Wrench 12 "

Adjustable wrench, Bahco (GERE-01355).


Center Punch set

Center Punch set, 3 pcs (GERE-00108).

Cordless shrub Grass Shears 3.6 V Li-ion 2 in 1, shrub shears, grass shears, box shears, scissors

Shrub and Grass Shears in one device. Works on 3.6V Li-ion battery. Very handy for easy and fast cordless work in the garden. Equipped with two separate attachm... Read more


Digital luggage scale, Weighing Device, Weger, Luggage weigher

Digital weigher to a maximum of 44 Kg. Ideal for luggage (ELEC-00126).


Glue Gun 10 Watt

Glue Gun 10 Watt (GERE-01217).

Glue gun 40watt

Glue gun, glue gun, glue gun, glue tools (GERE-00283).

HSS cutter Profi 6 parts set, Cutter set

HSS cutter Profi 6 parts set (GERE-01537)


Loupe Cube

Loupe Cube (GERE-01184).

Magnifier, Magnifiers, Magnifier 12 pieces in standard

Loupe 12 pieces in standard (GERE-01259).

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Miscellaneous hand tools

On the website of Trailer And Tools we often work with main and sub-categories, so as to make our products easy to find, even for the category of hand tools. Unfortunately, some product will remainr while making categories that are not so easily be fit in a category. We place these products in this case in the sub-category miscellaneous hand tools. For example, here you will find a glass cutter, a glue gun, a luggage scale, magnifiers and much more. So look at your leisure at the category miscellaneous hand tools, to see if there is something for you.

Hand tools, you can order quickly and easily at Trailer And Tools

Trailer And Tools is your expert in all kinds of tools. Our tools, you can order easily and quickly in our extensive webshop. When you place an order, we will ensure that your order will be delivered to your home as soon as possible. When you place this order before 14:00, we usually deliver the next day. So why not choose the convenience of the webshop Trailer And Tools, you can place your order when it suits you and we'll do the rest.

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Besides that you can easily place your order via the website of Trailer And Tools, you are also always welcome in our store in Hengelo (Overijssel). In this spacious shop (600m 2) our entire range is displayed, so you can quickly find the tools you need. Also, you are always welcome with a question, our skilled and experienced staff are always happy to help. If you sit with a more complicated question, our staff take the time to provide you with good and expert advice. This we naturally do while enjoying a cup of coffee. So come for your hand and other tools to Trailer And Tools.

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