Multi Tools / Dremel accessories / Files

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Blade 84 mm Multi tool

Blade 84 mm Multi tool, blade, saw blade, Multi tool accessory (GERE-01135).

Diamond File set 25 pieces

Diamond File set of 25 pieces. diamond file set for the dremel (GERE-00105).

Diamond file set five-piece micro

Micro diamond file cushions (GERE-00219).

Dremel accessories set

Precision accessories set for the dremel (GERE-00084).

File set five-piece

Files set, 5 pieces in storage case (GERE-00234).

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Multi Tools / Dremel accessories / Files

If you have a dremel, you have a wonderful tool with many different possibilities. The dremel is mainly used to engrave, but you can do much more with it. Especially when you use the multi tools and dremel accessories Trailer And Tools can offer. So you can connect asawblade on your dremel and turn your dremel into an angled saw. Also, a dremel is suited for smaller sanding job. So take advantage of the extensive capabilities of a multi-tool kit for your dremel.

Files of Trailer And Tools

Of course, files are indispensable in any workshop. The quick smoothening or roughening of a surface so that the next operation will be better. A quick deburring of the edges of a plate. For all of this a file is very useful. Trailer And Tools offers a wide range of files, allowing you to quickly and easily perform all your work. It is very easy to order a file or dremel accessories with us. You can order directly from our website by placing an order in our webshop. We will make sure that you have your order at home as soon as possible. For orders before 2 o'clock means that you can receive your order the next day.

Trailer And Tools, your specialist in tools, parts and workshop equipment

So you can easily and quickly order your files, multi tools and dremel accessories in the webshop of Trailer And Tools. Also, you can of course visit our spacious store in Hengelo (Overijssel). Here we have about 600m 2 of space where all of our products are on display. our skilled employees around also walk around here, you can always ask a question, both about the tools and about your project. Our staff will then take the time to discuss the possibilities with you. So come for dremel accessories and files to Trailer And Tools!

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