Locking pliers

Locking pliers

Trailer And Tools offers, besides trailer supplies and automotive tools, including a large assortment of hand tools to solid. Hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tools, brushes, you name it, you'll find it at attractive prices in our wide assortment.

Also, different types of pliers are offered by Trailer And Tools. You can think of water pump pliers, wire cutters and bent nose pliers. For grip pliers we have a separate category. A wrench can be used to keep materials temporarily fixed firmly or clamp. This may be during the welding, during odd jobs to cars or for other use. You will find several wrenches in our offer, which can be used for many purposes. Thanks to the snap mechanism materials they will remain well clenched, or you can hold them well.

Grip Pliers with straight, long and curved beak, or for welding

Different types of locking pliers used for different things. So we offer locking pliers with straight jaws or with a curved beak, with a curved beak comes a lot of extra power at the point. A locking pliers with an extra long beak is in our range. If you do not know what grip pliers you need, please consult the Internet is best suited for that particular task, that, or contact us for technical advice.

Also locking pliers for welding purposes can be found at Trailer And Tools, in a C-clamp design and other models. These adapters provide the security that you need during welding.

Pliers and other tools of good quality at Trailer And Tools

Whether you are looking for pliers, other hand tools, automotive tools, trailer equipment or you name it, at Trailer And Tools you get good quality at affordable prices. We also make our products available at attractive terms and conditions and you have them quickly at home or in the workplace. Bring any project to a successful conclusion with the products of Trailer And Tools!

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