Bent nose pliers / Circlip

Circlip Pliers 90º Circlip Pliers 230 mm, external, Circlip Pliers, Ring pliers, Pliers

Circlip Pliers 90º Circlip Pliers 230 mm, external (GERE-01490).


Bent nose pliers / Circlip

You can come to Trailer And Tools and find a variety of good quality hand tools, available at very attractive prices. You can think of measuring tools, hammers, soldering tools and all kinds of pliers. Among the various types of clamps but also all kinds of locking pliers.

Bent nose pliers, also called snap ring pliers and circlip pliers, serve a specific purpose. You can use these connectors for the assembly and disassembly of washers, which are used in the construction of vehicles and machines.

Both internal and external bent nose pliers, straight and curved

There are two main types of bent nose pliers, namely internal and external. Internal bent nose pliers are used to press inner rings together, so that they can be mounted. Inner rings are used in drilling. Outside Rings, by contrast axles, and for this you can use an external bent nose pliers, you can get these at Trailer And Tools.

You can buy bent nose pliers both straight and curved ones, each with their own purpose. You can also purchase a complete set with four bent nose pliers. These bent nose pliers are of good quality and can be used frequently. Nevertheless Trailer And Tools has favorable prices for these pliers and our other tools. So are you looking for quality without having to pay too much, then you've arrived at the right place.

Order your tools quickly and easily, and do not pay too much

Check out beside our assortment of bent nose pliers our other tools. Trailer And Tools provides robust tools at favorable prices, you can quickly and easily order and pay. We also have short delivery times, allowing you to quickly continue doing odd jobs.

In addition to hand tools Trailer And Tools also offers for example, lifting tools, air tools and a large range of automotive tool. In addition, we are your specialist for trailer supplies of all kinds. You get quality products at a competitive price.

Whatever you need for your job, chances are that Trailer And Tools has the solution!

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