Cable cutters

Cable Cutter, 320mm, pliers, Cutting pliers, wire cutter

Cable cutters, wire cutter cables (GERE-00187).


Cable Cutter, Cutter, Cutting pliers, wire cutter

Cable cutters, parrot pliers, wire cutter (GERE-00157).


Cable cutters

Trailer And Tools in addition to being your specialist in automotive tools and trailer car supplies your partner for high-quality hand tools. Brushes and measuring tools to hammers and screwdrivers, you can obtain it from us at competitive prices. Despite the favorable price level, good quality guaranteed.

Also in the field of pliers Trailer And Tools offers you a choice. Because we have divided the category of pliers in various subcategories, you can easily find the right tool for your job. One of the subcategories pliers we offer are wire cutters.

Our pliers can easily cut through all kinds of cables

In the case of cable cutters, the name covers it well: you can cut right cables with these sharp pliers. We offer various models. Please note that you can use  some models use these cable cutters for copper and aluminum, but that you can not cut through steel. If you do want to cut through steel cables, we advise you to choose a cable cutter that is suitable for this purpose.

As long as you use our cable cutters for the pursposes they are intended for, you will have long-term enjoyment of these quality products. The pliers are well built and made of heavy materials, they thus keeping them sharp and you can put a lot of power with it. Opt for one of our cable cutters, making it a wise choice.

Please look further into our assortment of tools

Do you also need other pliers or other tools? Or perhaps you're looking trailer supplies or tools to jobs on your car? You are invited to the wide range of Trailer And Tools. Our products are easy to order and you have them quickly at home or in the workplace. Aside from making an order in our webshop you are welcome to visit our more than 600m 2 large store in Hengelo (Overijssel) where our products displayed and we can provide you with advice, while enjoying a cup of coffee. See you at Trailer And Tools!

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