Needle-nosed Pliers

Needle-nosed Pliers

Trailer And Tools is your partner for all kinds of tools, with a particular specialism in trailer accessories. In the area of tools we offer a wide range of automotive tools, air tools and lifting equipment, as well as hand tools can be obtained from us. A range of hand tools would naturally be incomplete without a assortment of pliers. At Trailer And Tools is our assortment of pliers divided into different types, so you can easily find the right tool.

One of the sub-pliers are naturally needle-nosed pliers. In the case of needle-nosed pliers you can choose from several models, all of which are of high quality and offered at attractive prices.

Locate the needle-nosed pliers you need for your job

Not every job requires the same pliers. Some jobs are better off with straight pliers, others with needle-nosed pliers with curved or rounded jaws. All three types can be found in our offer, and the range does not stop there. Also, long nose pliers can be found in this category, with a pointed or rounded jaws, and also 45 and 90-degree models.

Needle-nosed pliers are good to use for bending metal, but they are more versatile. The point grippers which Trailer And Tools sells good quality and it can therefore be used for countless jobs. Despite the quality offered our pliers are attractively priced. Do you still need more pliers or other tools? Please feel free to look at the rest of our range and choose the reliable and affordable tool that you need for your job.

Order your tools quickly and easily

Did you find what you were looking for? Order the items quickly and easily in our webshop. We have short delivery times, allowing you to quickly proceed with jobs. Besides being able to order in our webshop, you can visit our store in Hengelo, as our products are on display and our employees are ready to answer any questions. See you at Trailer And Tools!

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