Pry bar / Crowbar / Tap wrench

3-piece set crowbar

Jimmy set 3 pieces (GERE-00756).


Breekijzerset four-piece

Set crowbar, pry bar set. 4 piece pry bar set (GERE-00180).


Carpet nail puller with flat end

Carpet nail puller with flat end 12 "(GERE-00045).

Crowbar 600mm

Crowbar 600 mm (GERE-00757).

Crowbar 90 cm, Crowbar, jimmy, Crow bar

Crowbar 90cm, 90cm jimmy (GERE-00177).


Crowbar, Crowbar 1/2 ", tap wrench 1/2", Crowbars

Crowbar 1/2 "630 mm (GERE-01316).


Pry bar 35cm

Pry bar 35 cm (GERE-00175).

Tap wrench 380mm 1/2 "Seneca

Seneca tap wrench, with a connection of 1/2 "and a length of 38cm (380mm) (GERE-00641).


Pry bar / Crowbar / Tap wrench

When you are going to break, demolish or simply wants to take something apart, then a pry bar or a crowbar is almost essential. A crowbar or pry bar is used to break open something, for example a door that is jammed. You also can use most pry bars to remove nails from wood. Crowbars come in all shapes and sizes. The crowbar that everyone knows has a foot with which a nail can be removed, and on the other hand, a narrow flat beak which is easy to push in a cleft. The length of this crowbar ensures that you have a good leverage to pry something open. Another model of a crowbar or a pry bar has a working side and on the other hand a handle, that way you will lose the double function in favor of a pleasant handle. It is usually more pleasant to work with this type pry bars or crowbars.

Tap wrench

A tap wrench is quite different. A tap wrench is intended to make a screw thread in a hole. It is important that you use a tap wrench which is the right size for the hole. An oversized tap wrench causes that you have too little sense and may damage the threads. While with a small tap wrench, you may get no thread, or you have to put too much force which again is counterproductive.

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