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& Torx Screwdriver set

Screwdriver set Torx & PH (GERE-00309).


16-piece precision screwdriver

Precision Screwdriver Set with extension and bitten (GERE-00 736).

46-piece screwdriver and bits set

Complete screwdriver set with bits (GERE-00742).

€27,50 €22,50

6-piece screwdriver set small

Set of six screwdrivers small (GERE-00740).

Flexible screwdriver, 1/4 ", Screwdriver, Socket screwdriver

Socket screwdriver with 1/4 " jack, Flexible (GERE-01263).


Impact Driver

Impact screwdriver with 1/2 "connection (AUTM-00542).


Impact screw driver

Impact screw driver (GERE-00 402).


Impact screwdriver12-bit

Impact screwdriver with 12 bits (GERE-00403).


Precision Screwdriver Set, 6 pieces

Precision screwdrivers, small electric motors maintenance (GERE-00723).

Precision Screwdriver with LED and bits

Precision Screwdriver with LED lighting and a few bits (GERE-00733).

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Besides all kinds of automotive tools and equipment for trailers, Trailer And Tools is also your address for high-quality hand tools. Hammers, measuring tools, pliers, all that matters is available at Trailer And Tools. This tool can be used for countless jobs because of the quality, and nevertheless offered at attractive prices.

Also screwdrivers in all shapes and sizes can be found in the supply of Trailer And Tools. So take a look in this category and find the ones you need for your job.

Trailer And Tools offers a wide assortment of all kinds of screwdrivers

Our wide assortment of all kinds of screwdrivers mainly includes complete multi-piece sets, which often comes in handy storage suitcases. We have of course ordinary ones, but also insulated screwdriver sets for working with electricity. Therefore we also offer a convenient voltage detector in this category.  Angled and flexible screwdrivers you can also find at us, ideal for screws that are in difficult and hard to reach spots. We also have magnetic copies so you lose small screws less frequently. For example, maintenance of small electric motors, we also offer a precision set .

With an impact screwdriver driver, which comes in a set with multiple parts, you can remove rusted or twisted terminal screws easier. We can call in addition to the ordinary models also the Torx screwdriver sets. This is ideal for when you have to work with Torx screws, then you can do little with a regular screwdriver.

All our tools are offered on favorable terms

Once you have found the tool you are looking for? You can order and pay it quickly and easily then you have the order quickly at home or at work and you can continue with your job. Trailer And Tools uses convenient ordering and delivery. Together with the quality of our tools and competitive prices which you can obtain this makes this Trailer And Tools your ideal address for all your tools.

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