Socket sets

Socket sets / Ratchet sets

When you need to tighten something, then a socket set or ratchet set is of course ideal. With because a good socket set you can pretty much tighten all nuts and the like, without too much difficulty. The nice thing about a ratchet set is that you can screw the nut without that you have to place the tool on the nut every time to continue turning it. You can turn to a previous position in one movement to be exact because of the special design of the ratchet. That way you can quickly and practically work. The problem with this socket sets is that they have to connect to the nuts that you have on hand. There are two standards for nuts, namely metric and inch. Fortunately, at Trailer And Tools you can buy both metric socket sets and socket sets that are based on inches.

Trailer And Tools your specialist in all kinds of tools

When you look at the website of Trailer And Tools then you will see that we sell a wide range of tools, parts and workplace attributes. We specialize in automotive tools and spare parts, but that does not mean we sell it exclusively. We sell all kinds of tools, hydraulic and pneumatic tools for electrical and simple hand tools. For a doppen- or ratchet set, please contact us. Order the tool you are looking directly at our shop we will deliver it as soon as possible to your home.

More than a shop

Beside that Trailer And Tools offers a extensive webshop, you can also visit our shop in Hengelo, Overijssel. In our spacious stores (600m 2) you can find all of our products on display. Our skilled staff also walk here and can provide advice. So you can buy exactly the tools or parts you are looking for.

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