Torx / Hex / E-Socket

Torx / Hex / E-Socket

When you have to deal with special screws you will sometimes have to use special bits to screw it. Everyone now knows Ikea cabinets should be put together with an Allen key. The Allen key is included as standard, but it is actually hard to work with. Fortunately, you can get fast and easily get hex bits for your drill at Trailer and Tools. Then you do not have to tinker with the Allen key from the Ikea. Other examples of special screw heads which are used are Torx and E-socket. Torx screws, also known as star screws are designed to make better connections. This is because it is more difficult to shoot out of this screw than for example a philips. An E-Socket is a variant of the Torx, but then for an excellent screw. An E-socket bit is a so called female Torx bit.

Buy your Torx, hex or E-socket from Trailer And Tools

When you search for bits to screw these screw types, then you are at the right address at Trailer and Tools. In our webshop you can quickly and easily order the tools you need for your work. If you are not sure which tools you need, then take a picture of the screw, or take it with you and come to our store. Our technical service and / or professional staff can help you quickly. Then you can be sure that you are well.

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No matter where you are looking for, the chances are very high that Trailer And Tools has it for you, and for a fair competitive price. So come to our shop in Hengelo or order directly in our extensive online shop. We ensure that you can quickly continue your project or job.

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