Handlamps / Flashlights

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3 x LED Flashlight superflex

Led Flashlight 3x superflex. (WERK-00222).


60 LED lamp, rechargeable work light, Hobby lamp, LED lamp

60 LED lamp, rechargeable (ELEC-00155).


7 x LED Flashlight Rubber, flashlight, LED lamp, Lamp

Flashlight, 7 x LED, Rubber Black. (WERK-00135).

9 Led Flashlight + Batteries, flashlight, LED lamp, Lamp

9 LED Flashlight + Batteries (WERK-00133).

Camping Lamp 21 LED + timer, LED lamp, LED light, Loop Lamp

Camping Lamp 21 LED + Timer (WERK-00131).

Fluorescent Lamp 12 Volt Loop, Loop Lamp, Lamp, Work Lamp

Fluorescent Worklight, 12 Volt, work light, work lamp (WERK-0122).

Fluorescent Lamp 230 Volt Loop, Loop Lamp, Lamp, Work Lamp, Fluorescent Lamp, Fluorescent

Fluorescent Lamp Loop, 220 Volt, work light, work lamp (WERK-00121).

Inspection lamp 30 LED profi, LED lamp, Inspection Lamp, Work Lamp

Inspection lamp 30 LED profi with hook (WORK-00023)


Led flashlight, Led Lamp, Flashlight, Flashlight, LED

Led flashlight with dimmer and zoom function (WERK-00269).

Led flashlight, Loop Lamp, LED Lamp, Flashlight

Walk / COB LED Flashlight 2-1 + magnet, work light, work lamp (ELEC-00172).

Loop 21 + 5 LED lamp, rechargeable LED lamp, Loop Lamp, Work Lamp, Led lamp, Lamp

Walk Lamp 21 + 5 LED rechargeable work light, work lamp (WERK-00238).

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Handlamps / Flashlights

When you start working in a small space, such as the engine block of a car, then good lighting is essential. You'll want to see what you are doing. The same problem occurs in areas that are poorly lighted. Handlamps are primarily intended to illuminate dimly lit rooms. You can also use a flashlight. Flashlights give a much more focused light. The disadvantage of a flashlight is that it they must be held in hand, a handlamp usually comes with a possibility of hanging these onto something. With the help handlamps and flashlights  ofTrailer And Tools you at least have a good view on your project. Then you can then easily perform the work associated with your project.

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