Pneumatic/Air tools

Which coupling is required? EURO or Orion?

Connecting accessories to a compressor is done with the help of hoses and quick couplers.. The quick coupler makes it hassle free to connect and disconnecting accessories possible while the pipe is under full pressure. So there is an automatic working seal inside. It is similar to the well-known garden hose systems. Remember that the hoses and couplings must be suitable for compressed air systems. Never use a garden hose!

Unfortunately, there are several types of non-transferrable systems in circulation. These are usually the 'Orion' and 'Euro' (DIN) connectors. The compressors and accessories we provide are equipped with a Euro quick coupler but can be exchanged for an Orion coupler. An extension is also very useful. This is easy to make with a short piece of hose with a Euro couper on one side and an Orion coupler on the other side. Then every accessory can be easily connected.

Why prefer Euro?

The Euro coupling has a larger internal diameter and thus allows greater airflow.

EURO (DIN) Clutch

Why use air tools?

The main reason is because it is powerful tool. In any case, more potent than hand tools. Compare an air powered screwdriver and normal one that you should use with your own muscle power.

You could of course use electrically powered tools, but then there is a motor in your tool (and a battery if it is without cable), making it heavier, and that is a very important plus for air tools.

You could also have tool that is driven by a hydraulic fluid such as water or hydraulic oil. In reality, air also acts as a hydraulic fluid, but has a few major advantages: it is much cheaper to buy, less prone to problems, easy and inexpensive to maintain, and uses less energy. For very heavy applications (eg a crane, an excavator) pressurized air deliver too little power and you should still use hydraulic oil, but for hand tools it works fine.

You are obviously limited in your mobility (you can not go beyond the hose length), but in a not too big workshop this should not be a problem. Sometimes you have in large workshops multiple compressors, and you can take your tools with you and always use another compressor.

So to summarize:
- Powerful
- Light
- Relatively inexpensive to buy
- Cheap and easy to maintain

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