Couplers for air tools

Couplers for air tools

Do you work in your workshop or garage with air tools? Many people opt for this, because air is more powerful than hand tools, and at the same time lighter than power tools. If you're using air tools, you probably know that you need to connect accessories to a compressor with the correct hoses and quick couplers. These couplers for air tools are in this category of the broad assortment of Trailer And Tools.

Both Airpress, Euro as Orion quick couplers, you will find at Trailer And Tools

Perhaps you are aware that there are different standards in the field of connectors for air tools. The two most important are the Euro (DIN) standard and the Orion standard. The air tools sold by Trailer And Tools works with the Euro standard. We have for this the correct quick couplers and plugs in our range. The Euro standard allows more air to flow, so when you buy new air tools, then it might be wise to choose for this.

Are you, however in possession of air tools that work with the Orion standard, then you can also come to us, because those quick couplers and plugs are also in our range. You can also create an adapter, a piece of hose with on one side a Orion coupler and on the other hand, a Euro coupler.

As for the hoses, Please pay attention that these hoses must be suitable for pressed air. an ordinary garden hose for example is not, so choose the correct hoses so that your tools will work well.

Order your quick couplers conveniently, so that you can get started quickly.

Did you find the coupler for your air tools, you can order them quickly and easily in our webshop. You will receive them at home or at work, and then you can continue with your jobs. Please check out the other products of Trailer and Tools, maybe we have more products that can come in handy. Trailer And Tools gives you the tools you need!

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