Airpress couplers/plugs

Airpress couplers/plugs

When you go to buy a compressor, you will see that Airpress is one of the major brands. Unfortunately, with pneumatic tools that every manufacturer uses its own standard for the couplers. This is also the case with Airpress. With an Airpress coupling you will also need to find tools that these couplers. Fortunately Trailer And Tools has the appropriate coupler coverters and couplers for you. With these coupler coverters you can also attach Euro and Orion couplers on your Airpress compresser. This way you can easily and quickly bu most of all safely go to work with your pneumatic tools.

Advantages of pneumatic tools

In the main standard, there are three types of tools. Just tools, pneumatic and hydraulic. Simply tool is a tool that you operate with your own muscle power, which most people use. Also includes power tools below. Pneumatic tools is a tool in which a compressor is used to generate power. It will be put into force by means of air pressure within the tool. Hydraulic tool works on the same principle as a pneumatic, however, it is then a liquid, such as oil, which is used to transfer the force. It goes without saying that the biggest forces can be in hydraulic tools, but it is also very expensive to buy. Pneumatic tools can handle more power than normal tools, but is a lot less expensive to purchase and maintain.

Pneumatic tools and accessories you buy at Trailer And Tools

If you decide to buy pneumatic tools, it is wise to carefully study what couplers are used. It is annoying that your compressor uses a different couplers than your tools. Fortunately Trailer And Tools has the adapters you need. So buy your Airpress and other couplers at Trailer And Tools, you can be sure that you are good to go!

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