Airpress plugs

Airpress plugs

You have a compressor and pneumatic tools, it is important to know exactly what brand of equipment you have. Unfortunately, there are no standard sizes for pneumatic tools and compressors. For that reason you will when you have a Airpress tool or a Airpress compressor, must also have Airpress plugs. There are three head categories plugs, namely, with internal thread, an external screw thread or hose connector. This has to do with the connection of the nipple. Because every manufacturer may hold its own standards, it may be wise to purchase a variety of couplers, so you can use your air tools with each compressor. It can also be nice to be able to operate more different tools with your air compressor.

Advantages of pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools is an easy alternative to regular tools. Because you are working with air pressure allows you to easily and quickly put a lot of power, without having to use your muscles. You can also use power tools, but it's a lot heavier because of the  engine and battery that are inside. You can also opt for hydraulic tools.

The difference between the hydraulics and pneumatics is that the air has been replaced by oil or another liquid. This is however a lot more expensive to buy and use, the maintaining of hydraulic tools is also more difficult than maintaining pneumatic tools. So choose the affordable alternative where you can transfer the forces that you need to transfer without having to pay too much. Choose for pneumatic tools of Trailer And Tools. Beside that Trailer And Tools sells air pressure tool, we also sell couplers and plugs of different brands such as Airpress, Euro and Orion. Choose your Airpress plugs therefore today at Trailer And Tools, this is possible in both online and our spacious store in Hengelo.

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