Euro couplers

Euro couplers

You have pneumatic tools, or looking for them. Then it is important to look closely at what connection standard is used in your tools. The connection to your compressor is important. Unfortunately, there is no universal standard for pneumatic connections, so it can be so that every manufacturer will invent the wheel again with their own connection standards. So if you do not know what couplers are on your tool or compressor, then it can become very troublesome for you. If you do know it, you can buy targeted couplers you need. One of the most widely used coupling standards is the so-called Euro coupler. Trailer And Tools offers a wide range of Euro couplings in stock for you.

Trailer And Tools is your expert in pneumatics

Whether you are looking for a suitable compressor, pneumatic tools or couplers and hoses needed to connect these two together. You are at right place at Trailer And Tools. Because we sell all of these, both through our webshop where you easily can order our products, or you can come by our store in Hengelo, you can immediately take what you need. For questions we are also available, please contact our technical support via e-mail to You can also ask your question to one of our competent employees when you visit our store. Then we explain, while enjoying a cup of coffee the possibilities and impossibilities.

Why pneumatics

Pneumatic tools are a powerful and simple solution to run your business. Choose pneumatics when power is important. You can also buy power tools, but it's a lot heavier because it needs a engine and battery. Pneumatic is practical to use and easy to maintain. You get your pneumatic tools with Euro couplers at Trailer And Tools.

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