Orion couplers

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Orion couplers

You purchased or leased compressor and a thing or two of pneumatic tools. Now you need to connect your air tools on the compressor, and it shows in practice more difficult than it is. That's because there is no universal standard for pneumatic couplings. Within the Netherlands three different types of couplers are often used; Airpress, Euro and Orion. It is therefore important to know what couplers you have to deal with. Because you have no use for the wrong couplers. Fortunately Trailer And Tools can support you in this. We have all these different coupler brands in stock and if you are not really can't make out which couplers you need, please send a picture to our technical service. They will bail you out of trouble quickly.

Couplers of Trailer And Tools

The advantage of couplers is of course that they quickly make the connection between your compressor and your air tools. So it is smart to for example purchase couplers from Orion to quickly and easily use the tools you have.

Why air pressure, also known as pneumatic, tools?

There are several advantages to pneumatic tools of the above alternatives. First, it is easy to put much more power than with hand tools, because the power is put through pressure, not your muscles. Pneumatic tools are often much lighter than power tools because with power tools you have to also carry a motor and battery when you use it. Pressure tool is not as strong as for instance hydraulic tools. Hydraulic tools are ideal for very heavy work. But this extra power, you usually do not need. Hydraulic tools are a lot more expensive to purchase and is much moreĀ  maintenance sensitive. There's more to the maintenance of hydraulic tool as it is often a difficult task. Therefore choose the air pressure tools and couplers of Trailers And Tools!

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