Orion plugs

Orion plugs

You have bought or rented a compressor and some air tools. Now you of course have to connect these together. Unfortunately for you, there is not one standard for the couplers that belong here. You will have to figure out what couplers there are on your compressor and tools. Common links are those of Airpress, Euro and Orion. Then you will thus have to buy the couplers to create a connection between your pneumatic tools and compressors. An example of these couplers can be our Orion plugs. Fortunately Trailer And Tools has exactly what you might need, and because of that can be optimally of service in this case.

Trailer And Tools is your expert in pneumatic tools and links

If you are looking for the right couplers associated with your compressor and tools, then you are fortunately at the right address at Trailer and Tools. Because besides that we sell the materials you need, you can come to us with questions. We have an extensive technical service is ready for you. All you have to do is send an email to info@trailerandtools.nl and you'll get a quick answer. Also, you can come in our store in Hengelo. Our professional staff will serve you quickly. Then there is that you will be leaving with the right materials.

Benefits of Orion air tools

Of course, there are several advantages to air tools. So it is cheaper to buy and easier to maintain than hydraulic tools. It is easier to use and at least as strong as power tools. And obviously a lot stronger than ordinary hand tools. In pneumatic tools is not your strength that determines how secure something gets lodged, but air pressure. Therefore choose air tools of Trailer And Tools!

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