Miscellaneous pneumatic tools

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Liquid Sprayer

Liquid sprayer with 600 ml capacity (LUCH-00039).


Nails 30 1.05 x 1000 pcs, 1000 pcs Nails 30mm

Nails 30 x 1.05 in 1000 piece (LUCH-00010)

Nails 50 1.05 x 1000 pcs, 1000 pcs Nails 50mm

Nails 50 x 1.05 in 1000 piece (LUCH-00011)

Pneumatic chisel set

Air chisel set, 190 mm. (LUCH-00053).


Pneumatic drill (reversible), drill machine, air drill, drill

Drill on air pressure reversible pneymatische (LUCH-00183).


Pneumatic hand drill

Pneumatic hand drill (LUCH-002620).


Pneumatic river pliers, River pliers, Pliers

Pneumatic river pliers (LUCH-00333).


Pneumatic staple gun

Staple gun on air. (LUCH-00110).


Pneumatic staple gun, nailgun

Pneumatic staple gun, nailgun (LUCH-00 268).


Pneumatic tire buffer

Pneumatic tire buffer. (LUCH-00146).


Sanding belt 10 x 330 mm, 3 pieces

Sanding belt, pneumatic sander (LUCH-00278).

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Miscellaneous pneumatic tools

Of course all the pneumatic tools can not be captured under one category, so we have several categories in our shop including miscellaneous pneumatic tools.

Here for example you will find a pneumatic stapler or a pneumatic drill. Also offered here are things like accessories for pneumatic tools, such as Teflon tape to make a pressure connection airtight. That is of course essential for pneumatic tools, that you will not lose air pressure from your compressor in the connections to the tool.

Trailer And Tools is your expert in pneumatics

If you are looking for a compressor, pneumatic tools or couplings between these two, then you've come to the right place at Trailer And Tools. We have it all. What you should keep well in mind when purchasing pneumatic tools and compressors that you do have the right couplers since there is no standard for couplers in air pressure tools. Fortunately it is not difficult if you know which coupling pieces you need to purchase. Trailer and Tools in any case has the most common in stock.

The advantage of pneumatic tools

When using normal tools, then the amount of force that can be set depends on your strength. With pneumatic tools, this course depends on the pressure that you can generate. You are no longer dependent on your muscle strength. Power tools are about the same but you have to carry a motor and possibly a battery when you are holding the tool. You can also opt for hydraulic tools, the advantage of hydraulic tool is that it can handle more power. However, hydraulic tools are very expensive to purchase and maintain. Pneumatic tools have a lot less problems. Therefore choose air tools from Trailer And Tools.

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