Pneumatic car body tools

Air nibbler pull type, nibbler, pull type,

Air nibbler pull type (LUCH-00 186).


Heavy duty air stripping tool , machine Striping remover, stitcher remover

Heavy duty air stripping tool, sticker remover, trim remover. (LUCH-00147).


Pneumatic metal shear, Scrabble, Print Scrabble, metal shear

Pneumatic metal shear model (LUCH-00185).


Pneumatic nibbler, Scissors Model, Scrabble, Scrabble Plate

Pneumatic plate nibbler, in scissors model. For metal, plastic and stainless steel exhausts (LUCH-00 258).


Pneumatic tire repair tool, repair tool, tool repair, tire

Pneumatic tire repair tool (LUCH-00174).


Rubberpad, Machinery Rubberpad

Rubberpad for sticker removal (LUCH-00266).

Pneumatic car body tools

To edit car bodies you will have to put much force. Metal obviously resists a lot. Sure you can go hit with a hammer, but it is difficult to dose the force. Fortunately there is a solution for you. You can opt for pneumatic car body tools. Think of a pneumatic hammer, scissors or punches. The advantage of air tools is that they can easily put a lot of power and they are easy to use. They can put a lot of power because the power comes from air pressure, you will then need to have a compressor to generate the pressure. It is important that you can connect your pneumatic tools into your compressor. Unfortunately, there is no universal standard for pneumatic couplings, each brand can choose their own couplers. The three most common couplings are Airpress, Euro and Orion. Trailer And Tools offers couplers to connect all of these types. So you can next to your air tools and compressors also buy the couplings at Trailer And Tools.

Benefits of hydraulics pneumatics top

Hydraulics is well-known for the high forces that are possible. Unfortunately, this is also the only benefit of hydraulics with respect to pneumatics. The question is do you need these powers with the body work that you do. Namely hydraulic tools also have some disadvantages. Think of that hydraulic tools are very maintenance sensitive. In addition, the maintenance of hydraulic tools usually is not easy. Pneumatic tools for body work can usually generate enough power and is easy to maintain. In addition, a piece of pneumatic tool in use is lighter than, for example, power tools. With power tools there usually is a motor in the tool and usually a battery. The disadvantage of such a battery is that it is empty relatively quickly, and that you then need to replace the battery. So choose for body work for the pneumatic tools of Trailer And Tools.

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