Cleaning agents

Chain cleaner 250ml, Kroon chain cleaner XP, chain cleaner, cleaner

Chain cleaner XP Kroon oil 250 mm (WERK-00257).

Degreaser 300ml, Crown degreaser, degreaser, degreaser, degrease agent

Degreaser Kroon oil 300 mm with pump spray (WERK-00259).

Express Bumper Spray

Express Bumper Spray, 300 ml (AUTM-01249).

Express Cock Spits Pray

Express cockpit spray, 300 ml (AUTM-01248).

Express Motor cleaner

Express Engine Cleaner 400 ml Engine cleaner Engine Cleaner (AUTM-01 253).

Motip Cockpit Spray

Motip Cockpit Spray, 400ml. (AUTM-01226).

Motip Glass Cleaner

Motip Glass Cleaner, 500ml. (AUTM-01216).

Motip Multi Foam Cleaner

Motip multi foam cleaner, 400 ml (AUTM-01217).


Unil Solv "Cleaner, Degreaser castings, Solv, cleaner, degreaser Cast


Würth Brake Cleaner

Brake Cleaner, 500 ml. (AUTM-01265).

Cleaning agents

When you do jobs, you'll also have to clean up. It is important to go in a clean environment to work and to clean the parts with which you are working. For example, it can be very important when you go to work with brakes, to clean the brake discs well during the job. The brake calipers will make contact much better with the brake discs when they are clean, and your braking distance will therefore be shorter. You can contact Trailer And Tools for various cleaning and disinfecting agents. These cleaners are mainly focused on automotive maintenance.

Trailer And Tools is your expert in automotive tools and spare parts

When you are going to tinker with a car or motorcycle  then it is wise to get your parts from an expert in automotive parts. Then you can be sure you get the right parts for the right job. Trailer And Tools is such an expert in automotive parts. Another advantage of performing your job using the products Trailer And Tools is that you can always ask your technical questions to our technical service. This can be done through the mail or by asking the question in our store. Our skilled staff is available to answer your questions.

Trailer And Tools is more than an online store

You can quickly and easily place your order via our website. We have an extensive online store, where a very wide range of tools, spare parts and workshop equipment is offered. Also you can come to our  store in Hengelo, Overijssel. Here we have displayed our wide range for your convenience. Then you can also direct your (technical) questions to our experienced staff. These professionals like to sit down at the table and discuss your problem, while enjoying a cup of coffee. So come for all of your automotive tools and spare parts, such as cleaning agents, to Trailer And Tools!

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