Express silicone spray

Express silicone spray, 300ml. (AUTM-01242).

Express White spray grease

Express 300ml white spray grease, spray grease, grease, spray white grease (AUTM-01255).

Grease cartridge, grease cartridge, Crown grease, EP2 grease cartridge

EP2 grease cartridge of Crown oil NLGI 2 (GERE-01342).

Tire grease 1kg

Tire grease 1 kg, black (AUTM-01273).

Tire lube 5kg black

Tire lube, 5 Kg, black (AUTM-01 274)



Turbowax, 600 ml (AUTM-01240).

White petrolatum

White petrolatum, acid-free, 60 grams (AUTM-01272).

Würth Silicone sproeivet

Würth Silicone spray lubricant (AUTM-01261).



For moving parts, it is important to be properly lubricated. For that reason, you can use oil or greases. The disadvantage of oil is that it is liquid, which means that it can flow away. With greases that less so as to this will not be the case. You can also use fat for maintenance of rubber parts. Rubber will regularly use some grease to prevent dehydration. An example is tire grease, using tire grease can prevent dehydration and so will your tire last longer. Especially with tires that are not so frequently used, such as a trailer, it may be wise to grease them regularly. This will avoid cracks in the tires, and torn tires often lead to annoying problems. You obviously want no blowout while driving with your trailer on the highway.

Car maintenance using Trailer And Tools

Trailer And Tools is your expert in automotive tools, parts and workshop equipment. We are also your partner in the maintenance of your car. It is very important that you maintain your car properly for the safety and life time of your car. The greases of Trailer And Tools are optimal for maintaining your car. Our greases can namely lubricate the moving parts well, and with our aforementioned special tire grease you can protect your tires optimally against the influences of weather, wind and sun.

Choose the convenience of Trailer And Tools

All of our products you can order quickly and easily via our website. We ensure that your order will be delivered as soon as possible. Ordered before 14:00 often means delivered the next day at home or in your workplace. If you do not have the time, then please choose to visit our store. Here we have displayed in just over 600m 2 our huge range. So when you need automotive greases, come to Trailer And Tools.

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