Lubricant / Protectants

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Express Aluminium Cleaner

Express aluminum cleaner, wheel cleaner, 300 ml (AUTM-01252).

Express Anti rust

Express anti-rust spray, 400 ml (AUTM-01250).

Express contact spray

Express contact spray, moisture remover, 300 ml (AUTM-01251).

Express copper spray

Express copper spray, 400 ml. (AUTM-01244).

Express PTFE Spray

Express PTFE spray, 400 ml (AUTM-01246).

Express Zincspray, Zinc Spray, Zincspray, Zinc spray

Express Zinc Spray 400 ml (AUTM-01660).

Motip Wheel wax, 500 ml

Motip Wheelwax, 500 ml. (AUTM-01 482).

NoTouch wet look tires

No Touch Wet'N'Protect tires, 500 ml. (AUTM-01 241).

Polish oil, oil polish, Bicycle polish

Polish oil Kroon oil 300 mm with pump spray (WERK-00228).

Presto Bitumen undercoating

Presto soil spray, bitumen, 500 ml, black (AUTM-01232).

Presto Crushed gray

Presto gray rubble, Soil Protector, Stone stroke Bottom protector gray 500 ml (AUTM-01231).

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Lubricant / Protectants

Lubricants protect the moving parts of your vehicle. They are intended to ensure that moving parts can move freely, without being scraped across each other. It is essential to properly lubricate moving parts, because besides that they can move more freely, they will also last much longer. A component that is not properly lubricated will namely wear much quicker. So basically a lubricant is a protecting means. Lubricants also protect against corrosion. Corrosion is a major problem for cars, given that metal loses strength if there is rust. Not only that, but also the shape of the part may be different because of rust. Think of holes in steel, but also parts that were originally round can lose this round shape with rust.

Where do you get the lubrication and protection you need?

Trailer And Tools is your expert in automotive tools, parts and workshop equipment. We have therefore also a wide range of lubricants and protectants in stock. So you can quickly and easily order your resources via the website of Trailer And Tools. We will make sure that your order will be rapidly delivered to you. When you order before 14:00, we often deliver the next day.

Trailer And Tools, more than a webshop

Besides that you can easily and quicky place your order through our website, you can also come in our spacious store in Hengelo, Overijssel. At over 600m 2 we have a thousand and one products displayed where you can choose from. Our experienced professionals also walk around in the store who have an answer to all your questions. So if you are stuck with technical questions concerning your project, please ask one of our employees. They will be happy to, while enjoying a cup of coffee, go through your project with and provide you with good advice.

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