Spray Paint / Putty

Presto Clear Coat

Presto Clear Coat, 500 ml (AUTM-01229).

Presto Filler 1 Kg

Filler 1Kg. (AUTM-01238).


Presto Filler 2 Kg

Filler 2 kg (AUTM-01239).


Presto Primer

Presto Primer, 500 ml (AUTM-01233).

Presto Rims silver coating

Presto Rim-coating silver, 500 ml (AUTM-01234).

Presto Spray Paint black high gloss

Presto spray paint black high-gloss, 500 ml (AUTM-01228).

Presto Spray Paint black matt

Presto matt black spray paint, 500 ml. (AUTM-01444).

Presto Spuitplamuur

Presto spray filler, 400 ml (AUTM-01235).

Spray Paint / Putty

If you want to give your car a new paint coating, then it is wise to remove the old (damaged) coating. Then you can see exactly in what kind of condition that the underlying material is in. You can then directly deal with the rust and metal reinforcing where necessary. Once the metal is exposed and the old paint is removed, you will first need to fill the holes of the car with putty, to work away any uneven parts. This filler ensures that your car will soon be perfect in the paint. After filling you will need to sand to make the surface smooth and firm the filler.

Primer and paint

After sanding, you must first apply the primer or paint. This is a special lacquer layer which is specifically designed as a first layer, in order to protect the metal. One of the main tasks of the primer is to ensure that the upper paint layers bind well. After the primer you can start spraying the right paint color. The spray paint will determine the final color of your vehicle. After the coating has reached the thickness you want, you will still have to apply a coating. This will protect the paint from wind and weather, but also from issues such as small stones.

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