Fixed / Swivel Air

Caster wheel on air, Swivel castor with airtyre

Caster wheel on air. wheel diameter 260mm total height approximately 30.5 cm. (ZWEN-00014).


Fixed castors on air, Fixed Castor with airtyre

Fixed castor tire on overall height 30.5 cm plus minus, wheel diameter is 26 cm. (ZWEN-00015).


Rigid castor on air, Rigid caster with tire, fixed castor, Rigid wheel

Rigid castor with tire, heavy quality (ZWEN-00039).


Fixed / Swivel Air

Anyone that does tasks at home or in a work group, needs access to the right parts, tools and accessories. Because this area is subject to very different activities and opportunities, it is important that you have access to a range of the most diverse articles, which gives the opportunity to approach any job whatsoever most effectively. Even a selection of fixed castors, swivel castors and air wheels are associated with this. You've come to the right place at Trailer And Tools, your provider of automotive parts and automotive tools. We also give you when it comes to fixed- and swivel castors, a lot of options, even those wheels need to be filled with.

Make the right choice

Even when it comes to fixed and swivel castors you'll want plenty of choice. In our assortment you will discover more than enough freedom to adjust your choice to your particular needs and budget. So you can opt for a fixed castor on pneumatic tire with a strong fork, a fixed castor with a strap made of polyurethane that glows in the dark and has a load of 140 kg, and of course all kinds of accessories. This selection will naturally be offered to you under very competitive prices and good service.

Your order processed quickly

Not only have we made available to you a very broad and diverse range of products, but we also have a very large stock. By buying in bulk we can give you the advantage. Thus your order is processed quickly and you can quickly get started. This also allows us to offer you highly competitive prices. At Trailer And Tools we only choose products for our range from which we know them in terms of quality that is more than good. So order quickly and discover our advantages.

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