Swivel castors

Swivel castors

Quickly move heavy products in areas which are divided in small and troublesome spaces. For that, you have a wide disposal of resources, which are all dependent on the most essential parts: the wheels. In particular, it concerns the castors. These are by their small nature and because they swivel very suitable for the above job. At Trailer And Tools you are at the right address for everything that has to do with automotive tools and automotive parts. In our very broad and diverse range you will also come across the necessary range of castors and or under very favorable conditions, just like our other range. We give you a guarantee of quality. What counts for all our products is that they are only included in our range when we deem them high quality.

Durability for a good price

Castors should simply be tough. That they are subject to the necessary wear and tear is a logical consequence of their use. If you then want to buy new wheels, then of course you want it to have a long life. As mentioned, all products are of high quality. When it comes to our castors, it is clearly defined in the webshop what carrying capacity they have. So you can make an informed choice, depending on your budget and requirements.

We make a difference

At us you will not only have access to a very broad and diverse product range, we also maintain a large stock. This means that we are able to process your order quickly. By buying in bulk, we can ensure that we can offer competitive prices. AtTrailer And Tools you shouldn't be afraid that you pay too much. You can use our webshop, or drop by in Hengelo, in our spacious showroom.

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