Welding machine and accessories

Welding machineĀ and accessories

Welcome to Trailer and Tools. We offer an extensive range of welding equipment and accessories products, quality and fair prices. You have come to the right place for a hobby welder and accessories, but also for professional welding equipment. We offer you in our convenient shop welding machines, welding gloves, welding helmets, welding guns and magnets. Also earth terminals, gas cylinder keys, welding hammer, welding aprons and welding tool carts for which you are more than welcome in our store. All items are shipped quickly, with the right service and attractive prices.

The definition of welding

One of the definitions are: welding is the joining of materials by means of pressure and / or heat, wherein the material is brought to the connecting location in the liquid or paste-like state, and whether or not material having approximately the same composition is added, in which continuity occurs between the parts to be joined. Unlike solder melts during welding also the material of the workpiece, not just the filler metal.

An all-round provider in the automotive market

Are you looking for parts for your welding equipment and accessories, then you've come to the right place. We offer our clients namely a very large and wide range of welding equipment and accessories. The range of products is tuned to the demand from our customers. All products meet the highest standards you can expect from an all-round provider in the automotive market. It is our great pride that we may have been a player in the supply to large and small customers.

You can contact us for technical questions

Buy good and cheap at Trailer and Tools online. Please contact our technical service if you have questions about a welding machine or accessories. For questions you can always reach us at telephone number 074-8513434 or 0611370517. You can always ask your question via email ... info@trailerandtools.nl If you want to visit our store which also possible at: Zirkoonstraat 10 7554TT Hengelo, Overijssel . A good cup of coffee is always ready for you. So come today to Trailer and Tools for welding machines or accessories!

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