Welding magnet 22.5 kg Welding magnet, Magnet

Welding magnet 22.5 kg (LASA 00 025).

Welding magnet 34 kg Welding magnet, Magnet

Welding magnet 34 Kg (LASA-00026).


Welding magnet on / off, 13.5 Kg, Magnet welding, Magnet, Magnet On Off

Welding magnet on / off, 13.5 Kilogram (LASA-00027).



Magnets have the property that they can attract three substances, namely, iron, nickel and cobalt. Examples of magnets are bar magnets, horseshoe magnets, needle magnets and drive magnets. These magnets are called permanent (= permanent) magnets, because under normal conditions a magnetic effect last for a very long time. This in contrast to electromagnets, wherein the magnetic force is lost as soon as there are no more electric current flowing through the electromagnet.

The different poles

The ends of a magnet are called the poles. A magnet always has a north pole (N) and a south pole (S). North and south poles can not be separated from each other; they belong together as front and back. If for example a bar magnet is cut in half, each half will automatically receive a north and south pole.

Workings strength of the magnet

Two magnets will attract each other when the north pole of one magnet to the south pole of another magnet comes close. Conversely, the magnets will repel each other when the two north poles or two south poles come close together. In summary: unequal poles attract and equal poles repel. Interestingly, the magnets do not have to touch each other. Magnets also have remote power operation. The strength of a magnet effect is strongest at the poles and weakest between the poles. For example, iron objects (such as nails) or gets caught on the ends of a bar magnet, but not at the middle part.

Trailer And Tools

We Trailer And Tools have different magnets in our assortment. Namely welding magnets, lifting magnets and for example magnet trays, magnet broom, magnetic (flexible) claw, magnetic tool hooks, magnetic tool holder, magnetic plier holder, magnetic wrenchholder and a clean up magnet. Welding tools are the ideal tool for welding and assembly work. The workpieces can be positioned at various angles, using energy-efficient  welding magnets. For use with flat and round workpieces. Order your magnets at Trailer And Tools!

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