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Welding machine accessories

When you have a welding machine, you will of course need accessories for it. Some accessories are simply indispensable when you want to start welding. Think of a welding helmet or apron, they are essential for your own safety. But also things like a wrench that opens a bottle you really need. Certain accessories are just very convenient. Think of a trolley where you can put your welder with gas bottle, so you can easily move it to where you need it. Also clamps with which you fasten the metal very practical.

Trailers And Tools is your welding specialist

When you search the Internet for accessories for welding, then you are fortunately at the right place at Trailers And Tools. We are your specialist in tools, parts and other accessories. You can come to us for a welder, but also for the accessories. And all this for a fair competitive price. We can offer our products for such low prices because we buy in bulk. And you can easily get your product from us. An online order is easily done, you need only select the products you want. In order to delivery and then the rest takes care of itself. We ensure that you will quickly receive your purchase (s).

Trailers And Tools is more than an online store

Besides it being easy to order your parts and tools online in our webshop, you can also drop by our store. We have in fact a very large store in Hengelo of over 600 square meters. We want to inform you about the options, and if you feel the need to, then our expert staff can also advise you while you enjoy a cup of coffee. So order today in the webshop or drop by Trailers And Tools in Hengelo, then you will have your welding accessories quickly at home!

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